Our children's future lie in the partnership that all of us have in the investment of EDUCATION. Total education embraces each one of us parents, guardian, teachers, students, and the community. No school can take on this task and mission without the support, cooperation, interest, presence, enthusiasm, and commitment of the parents and guardians.  

We as Parents/Guardians, School, Church, and the Community must reclaim our children.


Years later in 1906, the Parish acquired the old Ashland School builiding from the city and it became the new Our Lady Help of Christians Grammar School. An Annex was later added--which presently houses the Art room and Science Lab. In 1978, the Sisters of Charity left and the Dominican Sisters of Caldwell took over the daily running of the school. A Dominicans still runs the school today.

In 1999, the Chinese Laundry Building, which is located directly across the street from OLHC's main building, was given to the school by the Wong Family. The building was completely redone and is presently

Our Lady Help of Christians Pre-School Building.


Our Lady Help of Christians is a Catholic Elementary School, strongly dedicated to quality education, Christian values, and to the religious, intellectual, personal, emotional, social, cultural and physical development of each child. We believe that we, faculty and school, have been entrusted with this great responsibility "the development of their total person". Our school is designed to create a Christian atmosphere in which an individual may know, love, and serve God, leading each student to the realization of his or her dignity, exploring their abilities through confidence and self-esteem for their own betterment and that of the world.

Parents are strongly encouraged to lead their children to home prayer, reading the bible, and attendance at the place of worship of their faith. We choose to inspire total growth and an atmosphere of creativity, sensitivity to our many cultures, where care and respect of self and others is a main consideration. The interaction of parents, administrators, teachers, students, and the resources made available by the community, is considered to be an integral part of the formation of each child in order for him/her to realize that learning is taking place in a positive environment where pride and leadership emerge.

​Pre-Kindergarten Building

Our Lady Help of Christians School

A Citadel of Hope

 We are a Family, a Citadel of Hope...All are Welcome!




Our mission is accomplished as we continue to:

  • Encourage the positive contribution of each student through his/her uniqueness of God's given talent.   
  • Instill in each student the love of God and the love of God's people.
  • Provide the framework for building one's self esteem and success in a changing world.
  • Promote the development of respect and good conduct among its student body and the community.
  • Encourage the establishment of a respectful Parent-Teacher-Student relationship.


Our Lady Help of Christians School was established in the Spring of 1883, making it the first Catholic School in East Orange, New Jersey. At that time classes were held in the Church Building on Main and Ashland Avenue, and since there wasn't a Convent, the Sisters of Charity came down each day from St. John's in Orange to instruct the children.


The mission of Our Lady Help Of Christians Catholic School is to provide the spiritual and educational services that are conducive to the full development of the students, faculty, and families in our multicultural community.

The staff of Our Lady Help of Christians School is committed to making all our students aware of the existence of God and HIS unconditional love. We are dedicated to nurturing positive Christian Catholic Values. We strive to encourage a healthy Spirit of competition through an evolving curriculum in academics, technology, and physical activities.